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Graphic design is just as important as a great website. Yes, a responsive website is a great start; however, it isn’t all you need for a cohesive marketing presence. You also need great online and print marketing collateral to help you build your brand!

What is Your Brand?

With our graphic design services, your brand will be unique and consistent. You brand consists of some very important elements that can make or break your business.

1. First, your brand is what you promise to deliver to your customers. It is what they can expect from you when they purchase your goods or services.

2. Your brand is also how your target market or customers perceive what you do or what you say you do. Your brand perception is created not so much by you, but by what your customers see in you. Remember, for a small business owner, you are your products or services. How will your customers see you? Everything about you, the business owner, will be judged by your customers or your target market. This includes:

  • How you present yourself through your web site
  • Reputation
  • Marketing collateral
  • Online presence
  • Interactions in social media
  • Customer service…everything!

3. Your brand is also your marketing collateral (marketing videos, logo, flyers, brochures, social media, and anything else that represents your business visually).

When your customers or target market see your logo or your website what do they associate it with?


Customer service?



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