How We Optimize Your Site

How we optimize your site once it’s live.

This is how we optimize your site, once it goes live. We help you move it to the top ranks of search engines, with a comprehensive organic search engine optimization solution, designed to put your site on top of search queries. We will manage your Social Media content to increase visibility and improve search results. Our industry trained team can post content for you with your prior approval, keeping you in the eyes of your prospects and potential clients.

The key is to understand what Google and the other search engines are looking for when a search request is made. This is a very precise and time consuming process with a lot of research that goes into understanding search engine requirements.

How we optimize your siteHow does SEO work?

Our SEO service considers the many pieces that need to be in place on your website in order for the process to be optimal. For example,

1. How the search engines work; the strategy of search engines

2. What are people searching for and how do they search. Do they type in terms, phrases or simple keywords?

3. Ask yourself: What search engines are preferred by their targeted audience?.

4. The number of inbound links is also a major consideration. Are people linking to your site and if so, are they reputable links?

5. How your content is written; the number of words in your content, number of keywords present; the use of headings.

This is a just a start to what is needed to optimize your website. We can provide you with a thorough breakdown of what needs to be done to get you noticed in the search results.

We understand what it takes to get your rankings higher and we provide not only the initial SEO, but we will continually monitor your rankings and help create the necessary content to keep you there. SEO is not a one time process; it is an essential on-going process for your website to do the work of marketing your business. Without SEO, your website is just a pretty but empty package.

How Much Will All these Great Services Cost?

It varies on your plan. We will provide a plan that is affordable and easy on your budget, because we understand the bottom line is a concern.

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