IT Operations Solutions

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IT Operations Solutions in

the Lehigh Valley and New Jersey



Are you are looking for:

  • IT operations solutions,
  • on-site Network support services,
  • web design,
  • as well as hosting services,

YOU need not look any further than Web and Cloud Services.


Charles H. Castano (Operations Manager), has over 30 years experience as an IT professional.  Especially relevant are his degrees in marketing and systems engineering.  

Consequently, his ability to Design or maintain reliable business networks is not done by chance. Charles’ knowledge as well as experience and expertise ensures the deployed system will perform as expected.

Our Philosophy  –

A well designed network will be reliable with minimal downtime or performance issues.

We believe that technology is key to business success and therefore, essential to our clients. Charles continually researches the latest trends, hence, he stays updated on all current technology changes.

Benefits to Our Clients

Charles’ expertise also affords him the ability to provide clients:

  • The best solutions for on-line presence
  • Most effective methods of optimizing websites.

Most of all, he is able to give you the ultimate exposure for your website while optimizing it for search engine results.

In addition to search engine optimization (SEO), Charles can completely set up your online presence in the following areas:

Charles is an expert in maintaining a secure and stable web site and network within:

  • Your company,
  • Your school district,
  • Municipalities
  • Professional practices.

Charles’ Experience at a Glance

Call Us Today at (732) 766-2169 for all your IT Operations Needs…Add Us to Your Team Today!

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