Cloud Hosted Servers

Cloud hosted Servers

Managed VMs and Bare-metal Cloud Hosted Servers

With Cloud Hosted Servers, most computing happens in the cloud. However, most cloud providers leave you with infrastructure alone while providing little-to-no support—or, worse, charge an exorbitant premium for what little support they do offer.

Web and Cloud Services offers bare-metal cloud hosted servers starting at $0.06/hr for raw infrastructure.

What Makes Web and Cloud Different from Other Cloud Hosting Providers?

  • First of all, we know it takes more than infrastructure to get the most out of cloud hosted server environments—it takes expertise.
  • It takes the willingness to understand what you (our customer) considers success in the cloud, and help you achieve it. That’s why we only offer managed cloud hosted servers , backing your infrastructure with our in-house, high-touch Cloud Engineers and Fanatical Support® 24 x 7 x 365.
  • We can help you architect and implement cloud hosted servers workloads to scale.
  • We can help run your day-to-day operations.
    • monitoring,
    • responding to alarms,
    • updating your operating systems, and more—all with a dedicated account team.
  • You can call, email, or chat with us whenever you need assistance. And that’s what makes us stand out! We will talk with you on the phone to help solve your problems.
  • In conclusion, with us you will find an exceptional level of customer service with the quality and value you expect and demand.  We understand moving your data to an invisible “cloud” hosted server can be scary. It’s not your usual in-house server that you can see, touch and hear. Among the various advantages of having a cloud hosted server is the fact that there is redundancy, automatic backups and 99.9% uptime. Your data is accessible anywhere, even if your office loses power; all you need to do is find a location with internet access and you are back in business.

Let’s meet and talk about the financial and tax advantages of having a cloud hosted server vs. an in-house server that depreciates and ages as its life cycle shortens.

Call Us Today at (732) 766-2169 for a no pressure, honest discussion of your needs & our services.

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