Remote Support for your Servers and Desktops

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Remote Access to Serve Your Needs

With our remote support services you can expect:

  • faster response time as compared to our competitors,
  • better support experience for you and your users.

Our services let us configure your system so you can take control and access it remotely, from any computer in the world, connected to the Internet.

Important for You

  • You can have easy remote access to your Office or Home computer from any browser, desktop and mobile devices.
  • You have access to file transfer, file sharing and remote printing to help you stay connected and productive wherever you go. That’s important when you work outside your office.

How Does Remote Support Help us Help You?

  • First of all, it gives us access to your servers for updates and to monitor performance.
  • Enables us to ensure your backups are running properly.
  • Gives the access to remotely install security updates. We do server re-starts after hours, ensure antivirus and Anti-Malware products are up to date, and more.
  • Gives us access to quickly connect to your system and take over or work with you as we together observe the issue and effect a solution.
  • Gives us access to systems infected with malware or viruses. This give us the ability to get to you fast, and eradicate the malware, thus mitigating the damage to your equipment.
  • Lastly, allows us to do screen sharing; a useful tool to train, and visually explain how to perform functions that would otherwise take much longer by phone.

Best of All!

Most of all Web and Cloud Services’ Remote Support is secure! The transmission through the internet is encrypted, and there are multiple levels of logon security to link our systems to yours.

We don’t expose our systems or yours to hackers, lurking in the web, looking for someone to get on line with an “open” connection. And that’s extremely important.

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