Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Lehigh Valley/New Jersey

Cloud Computing Keeps Your Business Operations Running Smoothly

Cloud Computing provided by Web and Cloud Services,  offers the right combination of products to keep you going, even in the face of a major disaster. In today’s business world, a day of downtime can be a crippling concern.

Our cloud computing solutions provide all you need in case of computer downtime:

We can put together the right, personalized cloud computing solution to your specific needs to keep your business operations running so you don’t lose customers or revenue.

Email Solutions via the Cloud

Most businesses in the 21st. Century rely on E-mail to conduct business. Our cloud based email solutions ensure you have access to your mail from any device, anywhere, any time. Our Cloud Exchange mail solution synchronizes you mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes so regardless what you are using, you will see the same live information.

Secure Accessibility to Files via Cloud Storage

The cloud data storage we offer is industry compliant with HIPAA, SEC and more!. Your data is safe, secure and available 24/7 from any device connected to the web. Your files are encrypted before they are transmitted, so they cannot be “hacked” in transit, and are stored in secure servers which are backed up nightly. The data resides on multiple servers in “server farms”. If one farm goes off-line, your data is automatically accessed from another on-line farm.

Having an in-house server can be expensive. First you have the up front cost of the server which you can amortize over several years. Then you have the cost of maintenance and support. At the end of the road, you have the cost of de-commissioning the server and destroying the data, so it does not fall in the wrong hands. A cloud based server does exactly what an in-house server does. However, since you may monthly only for the amount of data you store, your costs can be controlled. Further, you cost is a business expense which is written off as you use it, rather than over several years. The on-line server is fully maintained, backed up  and kept up to date with patches and security updates.

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