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What do Our Web Hosting Services Include?

There is more that goes into web hosting than meets the eye. Here’s what Web and Cloud Services does behind the scenes for you:

  1. Malware Protection
  2. Daily backups
  3. Monthly analytic reports
  4. Optimize the speed of your website

1. Protecting You and Your Computer from Malware

Did you know your web site could be hacked and infected with malware, so when your customers visit it, they could get a virus from your site without you knowing about it?   Yes…it’s true! Most viruses are now passed by visiting web sites. That’s a serious issue. And you don’t want to be a virus carrier…that’s really bad for business.

How do We Protect Your Website and Reputation?

Web hosting through Web and Cloud Services will provide protection against malware. Our servers are backed up daily and updated routinely.

  • As a result of our routine back-ups, we can restore a “clean copy” if your web site does get infected
  • Due to the updates we provide we are able to minimize the possibility of exposure to malware
  • Especially relevant, we use best-of-breed technology and software to protect your site from hackers and malware

2. Cloud Backups

Our Cloud backups (On-Line/Remote Backups) include secure connections, compliant with HIPPA and SEC specs. We help you set up your backups and monitor them for you, taking the work and worry off your hands. You not only have a copy of your data on the cloud; you can also access that data from any location, giving you instant access to your information in and out of your office.

Learn more about our Cloud Backup Service

3. Monthly Analytic Reports

Why spend money on a beautiful website that no one visits or one that isn’t efficient in bringing clients to you? For example, your monthly analytics report will show

  • How many visitors you had each month.
  • Whether the visitors were new or repeats.
  • What pages they landed on and how long they were there.
  • Which country they visited from.
  • What other pages they viewed.

4. Site Speed

Part of our SEO service includes our hand picked site speed loading service. Search engines rank sites based on numerous factors and one of the key factors being load speeds. The page should load fast on phones as well as PCs. If two sites (yours and your competitors’ site) with similar content are ranked, the one with faster load speeds will rank higher.

Learn more about Web Performance Tracking

The bottom line is…

We don’t want you to spend money on a pretty site. We want you to own a pretty site that works for you!

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