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Marketing trends, web design and technology tools change at the speed of sound! In this information age, business owners have thousands of techie tools available to them. Tools for social media, tools for blogging, tools for web design, tools for search engine optimization, tools to resolve security issues, tools for saving time…technology tools for literally every business operation/marketing need you may have. Either you try to keep up with them and feel like you are always behind in what’s new or you ignore them and feel lost and out of sync with technology. Maybe you’ve thrown your hands up in the air surrendering the desire to keep up because you simply don’t have the time, human resources or money to determine what is best for your business operations.

marketing trendsThe Good News is…Help is Here!

Trends in Marketing (or TiM as we like to call it) is just want you need to keep up! It’s not another tool…it’s a monthly online magazine devoted solely to doing the research for you. We scour the information that’s trending and give you a synopsis of what the trends are in this fast paced, ever changing age of information and technology. We have three areas of focus for TiM:


1. Trends in Technology

2. Trends in Design

3. Trends in Marketing

Why we Chose These 3 Areas of Focus

We are business owners too. And we know the struggle of keeping up with the challenge. But the difference between us and you as a business owner is these areas ARE our business.

 Our services include:

1. Marketing Strategies

2. Web design and SEO

3. Hosting, cloud solutions and network security

4. Designing content for online and traditional marketing

5. Content marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, direct mail marketing even guerilla marketing!

So because this is our business, we have to keep up and we feel it is our responsibility to make sure you understand what works and what may not work for you.

Small and medium sized businesses (SMB) sometimes try to do everything themselves and just get frustrated in the process. We can help. And this magazine is just one of the many ways we can help our current clients and prospective clients informed about marketing trends so they can be more successful in their marketing activities.

We want you to tend to what you do best. We believe that TiM will provide you with relief over three of the biggest challenges in marketing your business.

Keep informed and up to date by visiting TiM.

We think you’ll find it so helpful, you’ll look forward to our next issue each and every month.


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