Prices: Web Hosting, Web Design, SEO, Social Media

Prices are as Follows:Prices

Web Site Migration –

Price for web site migration and account setup on new server: $300.00 one-time fee.

Web Hosting –

Web hosting annual fee is $475.00. It Includes:

  • First web site hosting (each additional domain hosted as an add-on domain to the main url will be $200 annually)
  • Dedicated IP for security and isolation as needed.
  • SSL Certificate for your entire website (nominal additional fee applies)
  • Caching and optimizing add-ons for fastest load speeds on computers and phones
  • Daily web site backup.
    • We will restore your web site if it is compromised or damaged.
  • Web site security and maintenance with:
    1. Daily malware scan
    2. Automatic malware removal
    3. File Change monitoring
    4. Fixing any issues caused by our hosting products (very rare this would happen; but if it does, we take care of this for you)

    Web site design and creation –

    Using WordPress, we custom design a site for your industry and your business starting at $3000.00. Additional domains are possible and we can use the same site for the multiple domain names. We simply edit the content for each domain; this will reduce the cost of development for any additional sites. (each additional web site will be customized for $1000).


    This is a long term and time consuming project. We want you to see progress and we want to make it affordable. In order to do achieve both,  we prefer to have you on a billing program with a 12 month contract billed monthly or quarterly. Throughout that period, we will track your site’s position in search engines and continue tweaking and optimizing the content to get the site ranked as high as possible in Yahoo, Bing and  Google search.

    Social Media (on-line marketing).

    In addition to SEO, to get total on-line coverage, it is necessary to create pages on at least Linked-in, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. These sites should be updated several times a week with posts relevant to the business and the industry in general.

    For each site, we will set up and/or provide:

    • Keyword/key phrase research
    • Google Places (google maps profile)
    • Google Business
    • Bing my Places
    • Website copy optimization for search engines
    • Meta Data Optimization
    • Google analytics setup with monthly reporting
    • Google webmaster tools
    • Link Building
    • New copy posting when provided by client
    • YouTube channel setup (social media plan)
    • Video posting when provided by client
    • Social media Posts (social media plan)
    • XML sitemap and submission
    • Image Alt tag optimization
    • Company news updates when provided by client
    • Google web site optimizer
    • Web site security updates

    Our rate for SEO & Social Media bundled together is $1,100/mo. If we are maintaining multiple sites, additional sites after the main site, would be priced at $500/mo per site, based on a 12 month contract.

    Our rate for SEO alone is $500/mo based on a 12 month contract.

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