Web Site Design/Hosting

Web Designs are key to welcome visitors.

Is Your Web Design Responsive?

Web Designs change as quickly as technology. If your web site has not been updated in over one year, it’s time to spruce it up! We monitor all the trends in web design in order to provide our customers with up-to-date solutions for their online presence.

Why are Responsive Web Designs Important?

Web Design affect you website is displayed on multiple devices. Your website needs to adapt visually as you view it on a rectangular monitor, a table or a phone. Google recently put out a release informing website managers that they will be giving priority in the search engines to responsive websites. Most people with smartphones now search the web while on the go. If you don’t have a responsive website, they will miss a lot of important information from your website and possibly go on to a competitor’s site.  We can give your site a nice, easy-to-navigate layout for those who find you on their phone’s browser.

For All Your Web Designs and Management Needs

  • Responsive Web Designs using HTML or WordPress State-0f-the-art design software for an attractive, functional site
  • Video Slideshows/DVD’s created with music & special effects to market yourself and/or your business. This helps raise your site in search engine ranks.
  • Web site support service including routine security updates, nightly backups, load speed optimization and malware protection.
  • SEO and Social Media content. We optimize your site and can even take responsibility for posting news about your industry on social media. This helps with rankings.
  • Content writing optimized for SEO. We review your site’s content and optimize it so search engines pick up the content it thinks browsers are searching for.
  • Website Monthly Management and reporting. We provide analytic reports letting you know how many visitor you had, whether they were new of repeat visitors, what pages they visited, how long they browsed and much more.

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