We mentioned providing useful content on your website, will draw people to it.  Here are some ideas we use to make this happen….

Tips to draw Social Media users to your website

Include Referral Links to Social Media Profile

Update your Social Media Profile with a link to your website or specific pages on your website. Make it simple for users to know where to find more information on your products and services.

Use Landing Pages with calls to action

Create a Landing Page on your website for a specific product or service.

Post relevant information on your Landing Page including a link to your page.

Be sure to include a link on your Landing Page to your main website.

 Use Call-to-action links

When you post, Include a CTA (call to action) and a link to where readers can get more info. That can be a Landing Page, or a specific page on your website relevant to your post. 

Post frequency

Take time to learn each Social Media algorithms for posting.

For instance, Facebook doesn’t like you to post the same articles more than once a day.

Instagram works best for visual content, you can post multiple times a day on this platform.

LinkedIn also allows you to post several times a day building consistent social media referrals. 

Share links in Groups

Social Media groups can drive traffic to your website. Join Groups who may be interested in your Products or Services, then post on those Groups to reach a broader audience.


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