Email Marketing

What Do I Write in an E-Newsletter?

  • News about your business, practice, or organization
  • Link to a book you wrote
  • Link to an article you wrote
  • Article written by you or one of your business associates
  • Case studies
  • FAQ
  • Informational videos
  • News about a workshop or seminar
  • Business developments
  • Awards you received
  • Community event you participated in
  • New employees or managers
  • Anything you’d like your clients or prospective client to know about you


Why Use E-Mail Marketing?

E-newsletters are a great way to share anything about your business in general to keep clients and their friends posted. Once again, we would happy to include this work into a marketing package for you.

When you want to communicate something to your clients, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. Each month, you can use email marketing in conjunction with social media, SEO and your website to integrate all four into a marketing campaign.

We will design a email template for you that matches your brand and put together a marketing piece each month to go to your current mailing list. These in turn can be forwarded from a client to a prospective client. An e-newsletter always includes a call to action so prospects know how to reach you.

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