Tips to improve Search Engine results…


One Google criteria is website load speed. People are impatient, about 55% of visitors using phones will leave your website if it does not load in 3 seconds.

Google implemented speed rating in its ranking in 2021.


You need to have inbound and outbound links on your website. Google likes to see active links, but hates dead end links which show you a page with a 404 error code. Monitor your links to ensure they are active. If you find a dead end, change your link to an active page.

Duplicate content

Each page should have unique and up-to-date content. Although some pages may need to share content, for instance on some eCommerce products, it’s best to have the majority of content on each page unique for SEO.

Robots crawl

Search engines use “robots” to crawl through your website to learn its layout and content. Controlling what robots see can be accomplished using a well structured robots.txt file in your website’s folders.


Now a days, all websites need to be secure with a SSL Certificate. Your site has to load with a https prefix; on most browsers, you’ll see a small lock or an icon at the start of your URL showing your site is protected by an active Certificate.

XML sitemap

A sitemap is like an index in a book. It tells robots the name of each page on your website so the robots can quickly look for them and scan them. Sitemaps can be grouped into pages, posts or tags.


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