Why use WordPress for your Website

by Charles H. Castaño

WordPress powers about 45% of websites world-wide.

Let’s look at some features that make it so popular.

  • Plugins and Themes. There are hundreds of plugins and themes available, allowing you to build a customized website with all the functionality you need.

  • Speed and reliability. Website load speeds are important. If your website is slow, visitors will go elsewhere. You’ll find dozens of plugins to optimize the performance of your website, from page caching to image resizing and optimizing.


  • Flexibility and Ownership. A WordPress website is portable. That is, it can me moved to a different hosting service if you are not happy with the one you have your site on. This is not the case for other platforms like WIX or Shift4Shop.

  • SEO ready. WordPress comes with built-in SEO features. For advanced SEO control and customization, there are plugins available to focus on targeted SEO.

  • Secure. Needless to say, security is critical for websites. Maintaining WordPress up-to-date is simple and important to prevent intrusion. Adding security plugins to avoid access and hacking of the website gives you and your visitors peace of mind.

  • Ready for eCommerce. Choosing the right theme and plugins, you can build a powerful and secure eCommerce solution to propel your business using your website as a sales tool.

  • Ideal for Blogs. WordPress was designed with Blogging in mind. Creating blogs is simple with a user interface that’s intuitive and rich with features.

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