What are Plugins and which do I need?

WordPress plugins are add-in programs designed to extend the functionality of a website. There are hundreds of plugins available to address practically any functionality you desire.

Here are some “must have” plugins for your site:

Forms Plugins

These plugins enable you to create a variety of forms such as contact forms, membership forms, order forms, etc.

SEO Plugins

SEO plugins add functionality to analyze the content of your site and guide you to make necessary edits so search engines can rank the site.

Security Plugins

Security plugins keep your site safe from intruders and hackers, protecting your site from getting malware which could infect a visitor’s device.

eCommerce Plugins

Clearly, if you plan to sell online, an eCommerce plugin is a must to set up items, a shopping cart and extended functionality related to an on-line store.

Compression and Optimizing Plugins

These plugins are used to improve a site’s performance and load speeds. A slow website will not rank high in search results and will try the patience of visitors

Landing Page Plugins

Landing pages built using plugins can reside in your main website but will only be visible when used in marketing campaigns.


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